Monday, May 14, 2012

                                     "  Roping Saddle set"

This is a two toned Roping saddle set. 

It has a simple design for a western flare.

The roper breast collar is the same design that is in the saddle. 

The bridle has a little silver on it to dress it up and to complement the saddles silver pieces.  Ropers like to look good too!

The stirrups are set for a traditional doll, but can be lengthened if needed.

The rear view shows off the lacing and design in the saddle.

Top view .  Makes ya want to go riding!

I like to finish off all the leather on the saddle.

This is a simple curb bit. It is from the shop on Ebay, "twmhc" model horse supplies.

I like to show both sides.

A closer view of the design.

Cowboy Joe says, "Bring in them cows!!" Doll by me.

" Western Pleasure Set for Annette Dean"

The pattern here is a leaf with acorns.

I looked in my Schneiders western catalog to give me an idea what I wanted this saddle to look like. They have some of the most beautiful western pleasure saddles.

Top view.  This saddle tree is the Western Pleasure tree by Kirsteen Haley.

A simple design to complement the saddle.

This is not an adjustable headstall, it is made for this model.
The beads corordinate with the breast collar.

The silver is RioRondo.  I like this design it is nice and large, gives the saddle a bling look the is needed for Western Pleasure classes.

Stirrups are set for a tradiontal doll , but can be lengthened if needed.  This is not a youth saddle, it is an adult saddle. 

A view of the pattern. I just love to hand tool.

 A little added piece to dress up the rear of the saddle.

Thank you Annette for being a wonderful customer, Best of Luck in the 2012 shows!!

                              " Parade Set for Australia"

This set went to a customer in Australia.  She had the resin sent to me for proper fit.  It helps to have the model/resin on hand to size things up.

The black stain looks nice on the bay color.

A view of the right side.

The customer wanted the Bridle to have the piece on the front of the face.  I viewed a few real Parade sets and came up with this.  I like it, it looks good on the resin's face.

A closer look at the design.

Top view.

Bit and hardware from RioRondo.

The breast collar nice and smooth.

This beautiful resin painted by Karen Zorn.

A proud winner!! First in the class and Reserve Champion!! I love the doll with it , a truly beautiful set!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

                      " Parade set in Natural "

Here's a set I did in Natural, it was the second parade set I made.  It's first show out was the Quarter Horse Congress in Ohio and it brought home 2nd place.  Here I showed it in parade and it won Champion.  I was thrilled!!

Same show closer pic.

 I used the RioRonda basket Weave stamp for the design.

The edges of the leather have a diamond cut. I used scissors for this.

Romal reins and a bit by RioRondo makes a pretty combo for this set.  The buckly is a buckle from the Halter set that RioRondo sells.

A nice clean look to show off this pretty Knightly Cadence done by Pat Hefty.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

                        "Parade Sets From Various Shows"

Reserve Champion NAN 2011

 This is a really nice set made by Vicky Norris.

A mini in Parade NAN 2011.

Champion NAN 2011.

A close up of the winner.

 This set was shown at the Quarter Horse Congress show 2009.

 This is a beautiful set made by Pam Perkens. This set is owned by Pat Hefty.

This set was shown at the Breyer Fest show in Lexington, I believe it was Robin Smiths' saddle.

                " My First Parade Set"

Here I'm showing the first Parade set I made.  It was made for this CM.  I made the street and added a few props to make the Rodeo Parade set up.
 I used the plumbers tape to make the silver on the saddle.   The breast collar is not right, it truly looks bad.  It's funny, when we first start something it's hard to see things just right.  But through trail and error they begin to come together.

I did this doll to ride, a queen theme for a Rodeo Parade.

                     "Parade Saddle for Bernard"

This beautiful saddle was made for the PS Arabian.  The customer asked me to make it for this partical model. He wanted the square corners and the Romal reins.

A closer look at the design.

The bit is from the RioRondo bits.  The design on the bridle is a simple design to complement the set.

The tail piece is carefully made to look real.  The croop on the PS Arabian is very short, so I was only able to fit in the two rump straps.

I like to add silver in all areas.

A top view.  The corona saddle pad by Chris Flint makes the look just right.

I used a frosting tip to make the stamp here.

The breast collar matches the  serape, sorry I didn't catch that the silver tassels were crooked.

The black stain shows off the silver , I just love this set.

Unfortunetly this saddle was never shown, it was lost in a house fire.