Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Judging Dolls"

Many of us like to use the dolls in the shows, they are colorful and fun to add to the set.  But, they can hurt your chances for a win if not set up correctly.  Here are some pics of dolls in a live show to help you see what I mean.

 This doll is so incorrect that it takes away from the beauty of the horse.  Always consider things like this when you show.  This doll needs to have the knees bent and the seat flat on the horses back.  Put an arch on the doll by holding it down on the horses  back then give it a good bend.  Watch the head/face of the doll so not to have it looking out into space.

Here is a nice resin with beautiful tack that fits well , but the doll has been placed poorly.  Watch the hands on a doll, make sure they are in a position that a real person would be in. This doll needs more arch in her back to deepen the seat, then her knees would bend a little more dropping the heals down.

This dolls heals are up too much which causes her fanny to come out of the seat.  The horse looks relaxed but the doll looks nervous.

A correct seat and hands makes the horse and rider become one.  As you can see the doll's knee is bent and the heal is down.  Her face/head is in good position, looks like she is looking where the horse is going.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

                2011 BreyerFest Open Show

Here I'm judging the English division at 2011 BreyerFest Open Show.  This was a very hard class to judge.  The models and set -ups were right on.  The BreyerFest Open show is truly a Top rated show!!
The hall is a large room  full of light,  a wonderful place to have a show.  Michelle, puts on a fantastic show.

As you can see it's very busy.

This is a Western Pleasure saddle set  I did for Tiffany.  Here  D' Arry Jone is using it for her CM Lady Phase that is to die for!!!

This is Beth, she helped me during the judging. She scribed the classes for records on wins.

I just love this pic!  Tiffany doing the Victory Cheer!!  If you have never been to BreyerFest or shown at the Open show , believe me you'll want to make it at least once for sure.