Friday, December 30, 2011

This is the OF  Roping National Champion for NAN 2010 in Lexington, KY.  This is a OOAK PS Performance Horse model, I just loved this guy, he did super in all his classes.  I sold him to a gal in Washington State.   The calf is the  Herden running calf.  As you can see my set up looks just like the documentation I have on display.  I think it is important to have good documentation, take time to find the one that is just right!

This calf roping set up I used in the NAN 2008 show in  Lexington , KY.   The CM Lady Phase is by Chris Nandell.  She did a wonderful job on this gal.  I sold her to Karen Holland in Florida.  My tack is correct, and the double rope shows that a calf roper can use two ropes if need be.  My documentation here shows the double rope on the breast collar.  The doll is a Breyer Junior boy.  I did him up in blue jeans, white shirt , real boots with spirs and a black hat.  The calf is a Herden calf.   Winning the Reserve National Champion was a great honor. 

This is a roping saddle set I'm working on. 

 I like the wider look on the backcinch.

The order was to make it two tone.  I have used a brown stain and the same stain lightened with Tan Kote for the areas that is light.

 The stamp here is one I bought from RioRondo. 

The silver pieces are from RioRondo. I glue them on with Super Gel Glue.

 The saddle horn is wrap for the ropes,  with out this it is not a roping saddle.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This Headstall is 1/16 leather with silver beads. I used the RioRondo Saddle piece for the buckle. It is not adjustable but I do like the look.  Bit by RioRondo. Reins are braided floss of 3 strans.
This headstall has the RioRondo silver and buckle. The leather is 3/32 " in natural. I brown the edges and seal the leather with Tan Kote.  Romel Reins.

Here is a headstall using the RioRondo halter buckles.

The ear piece here as you can see has the silver ear pieces from RioRondo,  I have added to it a trimmed piece from the stirrup silver.  Just cut and glue with Super Glue Gel.