Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

                     Part 3:    The Bridle

To make a curb chain, it takes two 1/16 strips of leather lace about  1 1/2 inches long, two buckles of choise, chain links of 3, and two small rings.

Skiver the leather lace very thin.

 Add buckles to ends of leather lace.

Add rings to chain links, place leather lace inside rings and position close to ring and glue.

 Here I'm giving the leather lace a little stain to darken them.

I've placed the curb chain on one side of the bit.  The leather lace is a little long, that's ok this is trimmed at the finishing of the bridle.

Beautiful! the finished look.

Here I'm checking for fit.  I want the buckle to fit between the eye and the ear.  At live shows I have seen the buckles at the eye, ( as a judge this is something I frown upon.)

The customer asked for a single ear piece.  This piece is from Sulser Saddlery on line.

Just slip the ear piece into place.

I like this look, nice and neat.

The finished bridle.  My reins are braided floss.  Bridles are a little difficult at times but they are worth the effort to make a really pretty set.  A good fit is most important and correct in material.  I have seen some really goddy bridles at the shows that over power the head.  Sometimes less is best.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

                              PART 2:    The Breast Collar

Here I've started the straps for the breast collar. I add the stitch marks to give it that finished look.

Skiver each piece.

The center piece is in place, now for the side silver.

After adding the first silver strip I messure for the next one.

The mark on the leather tells me where the next silver strip will start.

Looking good!

This is the hardware for the the center strap to attach to the cinch.

The leather strap has a buckle at one end and the clip on the other.  Here I'm gluing the clip and ring to the strap.

All most done.  I've sealed it all with Tan Kote.
I added the straps to the breast collar that attaches to the saddle breast collar dee rings.  A beautiful piece to compliment the saddle.