Saturday, September 1, 2012

" Over Fences at BreyerFest 2012"

A real beauty here, I just love the total look. Annette Dean judged the English Division at BreyerFest 2012.

Lots of action in this set up. I like the stock English pad she used on this Custom.

Nice and neat here, looks like a winner!

The documentation was very clear , and the set up just right.

The judge felt this jump could be dangerous, something to consider when  buying or making a jump.

Julia Harmon can really bring a set to life.  She is a real example for any one to learn from.

This beautiful Custom by Tiffany Purdee is a real winner at Breyerfest.

This is a nice set, but I think it can be better if the base of the stand was covered to match the grass like cloth they used here.