Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Reining Saddle"

Western Reining saddle set for the Rose Reiner Resin.

This Resin Painted by K. Giebricht from Australia (one of my favorite artist in the hobby) is a gorgeous Palomino paint.  He needed a little color but not too much to take away from him.  So I chose a lite brown stain thinned by Tan Kote.  It not only stains  but seals it too.

 Reining saddles are good looking saddles with a little silver, but not as much as the Western Pleaure or Trail saddles are.  So I added just enough to make it eye catching.

The stirrups are set for Trad. size dolls but they can be lengthened not shorten as this is not a youth saddle seat.

Here you can see the design up close.  Hand carved or tooling which ever you prefer to refer to,  is in a leaf and acorn pattern. The silver is from "RioRonda Saddle Corner Plate" sets.

The saddle seat is Natural skiver dyed the lite brown.

The rear view showing the silver corner plates.

The headstall is a little wider near the bit.  A simple leaf and swirl pattern to complement the set.  The Buckle set is from RDLC and the ear piece is RioRondo silver.

The bit is a simple curb bit for a well finished horse, (bit from RioRondo). An adjustable curb chain and removeable reins finish it off for style.

Tooling in those little areas gives the saddle a finished look.

Looks like the real thing!! This is what you want for that "Champion " look!!

Doll by me, but not for sale.