Monday, December 10, 2012

" Gorgeous Arabian Costumes"

NAN 2011

NAN 2011

NAN 2011

NAN 2011

NAN 2012

NAN 2012
NAN 2012

NAN 2012

NAN 2012

NAN 2012

Breyerfest 2012
Breyerfest 2012

Breyerfest 2012

Breyerfest 2012

Breyerfest 2012

Breyerfest 2012
NAN 2011

Thursday, October 4, 2012

" Western Pleasure Saddle set"

This is a Brown Stain with lots of bling.  Silver plates and stirrups from RioRondo.

The model here is a Breyer Man O War.  He is smaller than a classic.  I used him for a model for fitting the set.

A nice showy breast collar that shows off the chest.

This set is for a CM Man O War. 

The stirrups are just right for this little guy.

My stirrups are set at the horses elbows. But they can be lengthened if need be.

Top view.

 I like the show bridles clean and neat.  This bit is from RioRondo, the reins are floss.  Buckels I made from  conchos.  For the curb strap I used 1/16 dark brown leather lace.

This model has a pretty head.

The hand tooling I did here is a swirl around the five petal flower.  This set is going to Australia,  Danielle is the proud owner.  I hope she'll send pics of it on the CM Man O War.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

" Over Fences at BreyerFest 2012"

A real beauty here, I just love the total look. Annette Dean judged the English Division at BreyerFest 2012.

Lots of action in this set up. I like the stock English pad she used on this Custom.

Nice and neat here, looks like a winner!

The documentation was very clear , and the set up just right.

The judge felt this jump could be dangerous, something to consider when  buying or making a jump.

Julia Harmon can really bring a set to life.  She is a real example for any one to learn from.

This beautiful Custom by Tiffany Purdee is a real winner at Breyerfest.

This is a nice set, but I think it can be better if the base of the stand was covered to match the grass like cloth they used here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Parade Set for Terry Heath"

Parade saddle in Black stain with silver pieces.

This Peter Stone model has a very hard body to fit.  It has a very short back, so I used the saddle tree from RDLC.

This bit combo is from RioRondo , I like their bits for Parade.

Terry wanted a design on the forehead.  I like this on his head.

An ajustable curb chain.

I chose to place the buckle at the top of the head.

This horse makes a really pretty Parade horse.

Here you can see the top of the bridle. 

From the top of the Saddle you can see how short his back is.

A close up of the saddle.

Off to the shows!  Best of luck Terry , bring home the BLUES!!