Tuesday, February 19, 2013

                                   " Tear Drop Parade Saddle"

Parade set for Bernard George.

Romal reins by Shannon Granger, they are simple beautiful.

This is a new design using the Tear Drops.

Rear view.

It's hard to see the pattern, my camera is getting old, but if you can make it out it is a oak leaf.

I used plumbers tape on the Tapaderos. I don't like to use this a lot it tends to crack.  So I tell my customers to be very careful with it.

The bit here is from RioRondo, it is a nice heavy bit with the bar between the bits.

The hip piece is made for this Arabian mold which has a very short back and croop.  The tail piece is the round black leather with small buckles to finish the look.

The side view of the right side.

The corona pad is made by Lori Batchelor.  She does very nice work.

A front view of the breast collar.

 I hope you like the new set for Bernard,  I trust he'll do well in the shows, he has a CMPS Arabian stallion to show it with.  Maybe he'll send me some pics to post.