Friday, December 6, 2013

Beautiful Parade sets at the NAN 2012 in Lexington KY.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these lovely saddles.


Alyssa Monk said...

Is the fifth parade picture a Tiffany Purdy horse, rider and tack? I have a feeling that it is.

Vicky said...

Yes, Alyssa, that is Tiff's. The 1,2,3 and 6 are by me. The one on the buckskin Indy is the one I showed. The first one belongs to Cindy McMahon, the third one belongs to Tom/Annette Dean. The one on the black Indy belongs to Shannon Hayden. Tiffany's was champ and Shannon's was reserve champ.

Vicky said...

And I forgot, 7th down belongs to Kellye Bussey. The saddle is an older SBY set and is still absolutely gorgeous!

Alyssa Monk said...

the 7th saddle is stunning, you are right. I love all of the pictures. Thanks for replying!

Susan's Saddle Stands said...

wow! Those sets are gorgeous! I love your office where you create neat! Wish I could keep my art studio that way--it is just one big mess. I do custom saddle stands, among other creative ventures.
I am glad I landed here.
Susan Barackman
Susan’s Saddle Stands
Paris, Texas 75462

task management software for agencies said...

These horses are the most beautiful in the world! You are very talented! How do you do that?! :) congrats!!