Saturday, January 28, 2012

The makings of a Western Pleasure Saddle Set.
This is the base of the saddle.  I have Hand tooled the leather in to a Leaf and Basket weave pattern.  The edging is a stamp.  The silver corner plates are RioRondo pattern # P143.

I've set the saddle tree,  ( tree by Kirsteen Haley)and I am checking the stirrup dee rings for the stirrups to attach to.  This shows here that they are a little too far forward and they need to move back in the middle of the saddle seat.

I've added the upper back skirt, it will need to be trimmed a little to give room for the stirrup fenders.

A look at the saddle from above, this helps to see if it is centered.

I add silver tape to the rear of the cantle for a showy look.

The front angle, looks good!

This shows that the Dee rings have been moved back and the stirrups hang nicely.

The look is coming together now.

I've drawn on paper a pattern for the fender flaps. I'm also checking to see if I have room for the silver piece.

Here I've taken the pattern and cut out the fender flap in leather.  I'm gluing on the Silver corner piece with super glue GEL.  Be patient it needs to dry very well to hold.

After the glue has dried I wet the leather carefully by using a paintbrush dipped in clean water.  Don't get the silver wet, it loosens the glue.  Now that the leather is damp I use the bevel tool to make an edge.  Then I use a tool that makes the tiny sewing wholes on the edge. Not around the silver , this is not sewn on real saddles.

After I edge it I start my design.  I used a tiny hole stamp to make the design , then I used the bevel tool to make the tiny raised line that will seperate the next step.

A closer pic of the Fender Flap.

To make the leaf design I use the tracing paper I get from RioRondo.  I lay it down on the damp leather and draw the leaf.

I trace the leaves with a swival knife and press the edges with a plastic round ended tool.

I've added a basket weave design inside the raised edge then sealed it all with Tan Kote.

I've added the fender flap, it's beginning to come together now.

Here I'm checking the seat and stirrups with a Traditional size Breyer doll.

In this pic you can see the design, I try to make all my saddles OOAK.   I added the conchos and the cantle piece to finish  the seat. More to come.................................


Braymere said...

What a great post! I love getting a glimpse into other tackmaker's creative process. Gorgeous saddle, too!

The Conservative Cook said...

Thanks, I enjoy sharing things with my fellow hobbyist. I think it helps the hobby grow. Each artist is unique in their own way that's what makes Tack making so special. I know there are many in the hobby who would like to try their hand at making tack. Maybe this will help.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Now I am really glad I am just a sculptor of animals!
Great job and a big thank you for sharing.
Sheila Uva
Uva Collection

Shanti said...

Thank you for showing us how you do it! Amazing!
Do you buy your leather from Rio Rondo too?

The Conservative Cook said...

Yes I have bought leather from them. Also leather shops in the area where I live. It is hard to find good tight leather at 1.5 to 2 oz. I'm glad you like the pics on the saddle making, no matter how many I make I'm always learning.

Unknown said...

Magnificent work! I'm just starting, I'm just hoping mine looks somewhat like a western saddle, lol.